Welcome to my new shop!

It is a pleasure for me to present my new virtual space: sandrarede.art, a project that I have wanted to do for a long time. While my sandrarede.com page will remain online, from now on, my updates will be available at sandrarede.art. This change marks a new stage in my artistic journey, and I am thrilled to share this important step with you.

On this page, I offer you a curated selection of my most recent works, along with some older pieces. They all reflect my deep passion, dedication, and a continuous learning process. For over 15 years, I have dedicated my life to creating art, learning, practicing, exhibiting, and sharing my art online. This new chapter in my career represents the exciting possibility of sharing my original pieces, to which I have dedicated numerous hours of work, with a global audience. I am delighted that my works can now reach different corners of the world.

Apart from offering original works, you also have the option to purchase downloadable art at an affordable price, accessible to everyone. Downloadable art includes illustrations or artwork in high-resolution JPG format, ready to be printed and adorn any space according to your desires.

Gradually, I will be updating with new creations. To stay informed about these updates, I encourage you to subscribe to my emails and be the first to discover new artworks and enjoy exclusive offers.

Thank you for being part of this artistic journey and for supporting my work!

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